Exterior Ladder Sprinter & Crafter

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Exterior Ladder Sprinter & Crafter

for Mercedes Sprinter & VW Crafter H2 after 06/2006

Price From: £372.00


Exterior Ladder Sprinter & Crafter

Suitable for installation on the Mercedes Sprinter H2 after 06/2006 and  VW Crafter  H2 after 06/2006.

High quality, sturdy yet lightweight aluminium ladder by Fiamma.

All Fiamma ladders have tubes which are 30mm in diameter and 2mm thick made of anodised aluminium.

Inner step width: 28cm.

Total step width: 35cm.

Non-skid steps.

This ladder has 7 steps

Fixing Bars are included.

It can be mounted on the left rear door of the vehicle and this ladder is compatible to be installed together with the Fiamma Carry Bike 200 DJ Sprinter / Crafter click here

The Exterior Ladder Sprinter & Crafter can be folded up for maximum ease of use.

The Inner steps are made in accordance with the European standard UNI EN 131.

To view or download instructions Click Here


Aluminium    02426-19A      28041

Deep Black    02426A19A     28058