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Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C

Carries up to 4 bikes

Price From: £276.00


Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C

The Black option is the newly updated 2023 model.  It includes the Fiamma Rail Plus rails to enable the transportation of 2 electric bikes.

This Cycle carrier can be installed on many different motorhomes.

It is highly recommended by industry experts and is viewed as the strongest bike carrier on the market.

The Pro C is the shorter version of the Carry Bike Pro.   

Specifically designed to fit under the rear window of the motorhome without obstructing the opening and closing.

Designed to carry up to 4 bikes.

Pro C Blue: comes with blue coloured fittings.

Pro C Black: comes with black coloured fittings. 

128cm x 63cm x 40cm (these measurements are taken with rail support base in standard open position and in models with minimum adjustable vertical wheelbase).

Vertical wheelbase: Height-adjustable frame from 40cm – 80cm Black version only (Blue version height adjustable frame from 40cm – 50cm)

Horizontal wheelbase: (distance between brackets): 60cm.  

Distance between bike rails: 15cm

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Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C information

Description                Carry Bike Pro C
Vehicle TypeMotorhome
Vehicle Rear Window   Yes
Bikes Carried Standard           2
Bikes Carried Max4
 Max Load60kg
Bike Block Pro 11
Bike Block Pro 2With 3 & 4 Bike Option   
Bike Block Pro 31
Bike Block Pro 4With 4 Bike Option
Security Strip1
Rail Quick Pro (blue) or Rail Plus (Black) 2 as standard or (3 with 3 Bike Option & 4 with 4 Bike Option)   
Rack Holder2


02096-10-    12118-23

02094-10B    12130

 Description                 Codes
Pro C Black02096-10-     12118-23
Bike Block Pro 1 Black04133-01A     14582
Bike Block Pro 2 Black04133A01A    14592
Bike Block Pro 3 Black04133B01A    14602
Bike Block Pro 4 Black04133C01A    14612
Rail Plus98656M566   14502
Pro C Blue02094-10B     12130
Bike Block Pro 1 Blue04133-01B     14581
Bike Block Pro 2 Blue04133A01B    14591
Bike Block Pro 3 Blue04133B01B    14601
Bike Block Pro 4 Blue04133C01B    14611
Rail Quick Pro Blue98656M040    14481