Fiamma Carry Bike Pro CN

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Fiamma Carry Bike Pro CN

for motorhomes with pre installed rails

Price From: £263.00


Fiamma Carry Bike Pro CN

This is the updated 2023 model with the Fiamma Rail Plus cycle rails.

Please Note: This carry bike does not include fixing bars.  It is the same as the Pro C version, but made for Motorhomes with pre installed rails fixed at at vertical distance apart of between 40cm – 80cm.

This Carry Bike is designed to be installed under the rear window of motorhomes and allows the window to still be opened and closed.

Specifically designed for vehicles that have the Fiamma fixing bars pre-installed.

The bike carrier can carry up to 4 bikes or two e-bikes.

The vertical tubes are adjustable from 40 to 80cm.

It comes supplied with the bottom support bar fixing system.

Bike-Block Pro 1 (bike fixing system)

Bike-Block Pro 3 (bike fixing system)

Security Strip

2 x Rail Plus (bike rails)


Fiamma Carry Bike Pro CN Technical information

To view fitting instructions click here

Vertical wheelbase: 40-80cm

Horizontal wheelbase (distance between brackets): 60cm

Distance between bike rails: 15cm

The carrier can carry up to four bikes

This bike carrier can also be installed on the rear walls of some caravans.  Contact your dealer for the strengthening points.

Dimensions: 128cm x 63cm x 40cm.  These measurements are with the rail support base in the standard open position and in models with minimum adjustable vertical wheelbase.

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02096-10V  12119-23

Description                 Codes
Pro CN Black02096-10V   12119-23
Bike Block Pro 1 Black04133-01A     14582
Bike Block Pro 2 Black04133A01A    14592
Bike Block Pro 3 Black04133B01A    14602
Bike Block Pro 4 Black04133C01A    14612
Rail Plus98656M566  14502