Fiamma Carry Bike Trigano

  • Fiamma Carry Bike Trigano
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  • Carry Bike Tigano

Fiamma Carry Bike Trigano

Carry Bike Trigano

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Fiamma Carry Bike Trigano

This bike rack has a fixed structure and height of 39.5cm.  It comes without fittings and is only suitable for fitting on CI and Roller Team Coach built vehicles that already have the fixing bars installed.

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Fiamma Carry Bike Trigano information

Description  Carry Bike Trigano/CI/Roller Team   
Based on  CL
Vehicle type  Motorhome
Vehicle rear window  Yes
Bikes carried standard        2
Maximum Bikes  3
Weight of Carrier  5.2kg
Maximum Load  50kg
Strip Red   1
Bike-Block Pro 1    No (optional)
Bike-Block Pro 2  With 3 Bike Option
Bike-Block Pro 3  1
Security Strip   1
Rack Holder  2
Rail Quick   2  (3 for 3 Bikes option)


02093A57A     12271

Carry Bike Trigano02093A57A     12271
Rail Quick Pro Black98656-993       14474
Bike Block 2 Black04133A01A      14592
Bike Block 3 Black04133B01A      14602
Bike Block Pro 1 Black (optional)04133-01A       14582