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Fiamma Garage Racking System

System to Organise your Garage Facility

Price From: £64.50


Fiamma Garage Racking System

The innovative and practical system to organise the garage compartment of your motorhome.

Fiamma Garage Racking System options

Garage System Standard:

This option is a single stand with 2 shelves to fit the optional folding boxes.
They are adjustable in height and the section bars can be cut to accommodate rear steps or narrow curved spaces.

Garage System Support:

Set of two lower and one side aluminium bars.  To be used as additional support for the garage system to give stronger fixing (this is not a standalone product)

Garage Boxes:

Set of 3 folding boxes suitable for the shelves of the Garage System.  Open, they are very spacious, closed they take up little room.

Garage System Upgrade:

Innovative and practical system to arrange the garage facility of even the biggest motorhomes.  The upgrade module is used to enlarge the standard module with a second shelf.  It can be used in conjunction with the Garage System Standard.

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Garage System Standard98655-90713990
Garage System Support98656-77213996
Garage Box (3)98655-909 13992
Garage System Upgrade98655-90813991