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Fiamma Pack Organisers

Fiamma Pack Organisers

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Fiamma Pack Organisers

Pack Organiser S & L

Practical folding solution with plenty of pockets for storage.  You can hang it on the doors and on the motorhome walls using optional fix organiser.   

Made of strong waterproof material.  It has adjustable straps and eyelets for easy fixing as well as practical carry handles.  It can be easily folded when not in use.

Pack Organiser Seat

Designed to hang on the rear of the vehicle seats.   Can be folded up when not in use, taking up little space.

Pack Organiser Shoes

The new look organiser with big pockets to store shoes. 

Made of strong waterproof polyester.  You can hang on the door or walls using the optional fix organiser kit.  Complete with front cover. 

Pack Organiser Toiletry

Folding organiser to store and transport your bathroom essentials.  Ideal for all the family.  Complete with hook to hang on the doors of your vehicle.  Made of strong waterproof material.

Optional Fix organiser also available – Easy and original way to hang up your organisers, 2 piece package (screws no included) To view or download instructions Click Here

Triple Fixing Option

The Pack Organiser S, Pack Organiser L and the Pack Organiser Shoes have the option of being fixed in 3 ways.  Using the rail / Using the eyelets (screws not included) / Or with the optional Fix Organiser.

Fiamma Pack Organiser information

Description  Weight     Dimensions    No of pockets    Triple Fixing  
  Organiser S         0.4kg  50 x 84cm  11  Yes
  Organiser L  0.5kg  88 x 39cm   6  Yes
  Organiser Shoes         1.1kg  84 x 54 x 2cm      10  Yes
  Organiser Seat  0.3kg  43 x 66 x 2cm   3
  Organiser Toiletry  0.6kg  20 x 37 x 11cm      10
  Fix Organiser  0.1kg  5.5 x 3 x 1cm  –

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Description  Codes
  Organiser S       07512-01-24140
  Organiser L07512A01-24142
  Organiser Shoes       07513-01-24144
  Organiser Seat07514-01-24146
  Organiser Toiletry07515-0124148
  Fix Organiser98655-16313973