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Fiamma Vent F Pro

40cm x 40cm



Fiamma Vent F Pro

Ideal for motorhomes, caravans and van conversions.

The 40 x 40cm Fiamma Vent F Pro roof vent has a neutral white coloured frame, and is equipped with a removable mosquito net and pleated blind.

Sleek in design, this slim framed vent lets in as much light as possible through its transparent cover.  The cover is to open using the handwheel and the two arms hold the lid in place.  The vent has double opening arms to give extra strength and stability to the lid.

Thanks to its clever ‘sandwich’ mounting system, this vent can be installed without having to drill any additional holes in the roof of the vehicle.

The aerodynamic shape means that there is no need to fit a spoiler.

As an optional extra, a motorised Turbo Kit Fan can be added to the Fiamma Vent F Pro.  To see the options simply click here

The vent is made of high-quality materials with Certificate ECE R43

Key Information

Suitable for roofs with a thickness from 28 to 55mm

Dimensions: 40cm x 40 cm

External Dimensions: 56.6cm x 53.1cm x 9.2 cm

Internal Dimensions: 49cm x 48.6cm x 3.5cm

Inside Light: 34.4cm x 3 4.4cm

Permanent Air Flow: 100 cm2

Certificates: ECE R43

Rollo-Vent 40cm x 40cm included

Weight: 4.7 Kg

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