Maxview Precision ID 75cm Twin LNB Satellite System

  • Maxview Precision ID 55cm Satellite System

Maxview Precision ID 75cm Twin LNB Satellite System



Maxview Precision ID 75cm Twin LNB Satellite System

This system includes a Satellite Identification with a ‘Sat Found LED’ for user indication.

Pre-assembled parts for very quick and easy set up.

Unique and innovative features of Maxview Precision ID 75cm Twin LNB Satellite System

Elevation indicator

Integrated Sat Finder, helps you align your dish to the satellite.

Level indicator with the tripod will allow for quicker set up and a more accurate elevation reading.

South leg sticker, point this leg South using the included compass for quicker set up.

Magnetic LNB lock to secure the arm for easy storage.

Designed for easy set up and quick signal finding.

Watch all available UK TV channels in the UK and into parts of Europe.

The lightweight yet sturdy design makes it suitable for most terrains.

Also included: Compass, System and Tripod Holdalls, Ground Pegs, Elevation map, Quick Set Up guide, 10m Flexible ‘F’ Cable, Sat Finder, Tripod & choice of LNB

Available with either 55cm or 75cm dish. Plus Twin or Single LNB options

Designed and manufactured in the UK

2 year guarantee

Application: Portable use in any outdoor environment

Compatibility: Transmissions from satellites worldwide (UK/European satellites as standard) Satellite receiver/integrated TV required

Operation: Manual

Mount type: Tripod

Skew adjustment: manual -30° to +30°

Cable length: 10M

Power: Passive. LNB powered through Coaxial cable from satellite receiver. No separate power supply required

Elevation range: 10° to 50° (EU Variant)

Power input: 12v 5amps

Weight: 7kg

Dimensions: Length 1010mm x Width 1010mm x Height 1710mm

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SKU: QQ040002CB