Wastemaster Water Waste Tank – Beige

  • Wastemaster Water Waste Tank - Beige

Wastemaster Water Waste Tank – Beige

Diamond Edition – Beige



Wastemaster Water Waste Tank – Beige

The diamond edition Wastemaster is designed for easy disposal of waste water.

The Wastemaster has a capacity of 38 litres and easily fits under your  caravan or vehicle

Fitted with three filler caps allowing the Wastemaster to be filled to capacity.

There is a ledge on the front of the container, designed to hold a toilet cassette (NOT INCLUDED) and can be secured by fastening using luggage elastics.

Key Features of the Wastemaster Water Waste Tank

38 litre capacity.

The unique shape gives good balance.

Wheels and axle can be easily removed for cleaning and storage.

Wide wheels to spread the load on soft ground.

Carry platform for toilet cassette etc.

Dimensions: 355mm x 1000mm x 160mm

Product Weight – 4.5kg approximately

We are so confident of the quality we are offering a FREE 10-year Container Guarantee on the Diamond Edition Wastemaster (sold after 2016).

Registration to be completed upon purchase

Manufactured in Shropshire by F L Hitchman

Our 10 year guarantee is currently only available in the UK.

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